How It Works

How It Works

What We Offer

Our goal at One Day Money is to eliminate your financial stress and worries by providing you with a fast loan. We do this by making our lending process incredibly simple and straightforward. One Day Money offers three solutions — One Day Mortgages, One Day Assignments and One Day Purchases — each designed to ensure that we address and resolve the financial stress and burden that you are experiencing as a result of your current financing troubles.

The best part is you pay no upfront fees other than a refundable $500 application fee. We know that funds are limited and you are stressed — there are no hidden fees* or charges with us. We just add your cost of borrowing, which is 4.5% per term, to the principal which then gets repaid at the end of the term with your replacement financing. With us, you know our costs up front so you can make an informed decision with no surprises.

*Legal fees and disbursements relating to the funding or discharge of the mortgage are the borrowers responsibility and are not charged by One Day Money.

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01. One DayTM Mortgage

A 30-day mortgage with another 30-day renewal period at the your option. After that, with a verified refinance mortgage approval, One Day Money has the option extend for a third period to allow you time to receive your funds to close or buy you out with a One Day Purchase. 

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02. One DayTM Purchase

We pre-negotiate a buyout amount for each term that is designed to balance the maximization of your initial investment while leaving us enough equity to cover the borrowing costs and an investment return for us. You always have the option to find your own buyer, but in case you can’t, we make sure there is no risk of power of sale or foreclosure that will damage your credit. We tell you what the buyout will be the day you sign the deal.

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03. One DayTM Assignment

Purchased a pre-construction property and can’t wait until construction is complete? Need your money today? We can help! Although pre-construction is often a great investment, it can be challenging to get your money out early if one’s circumstances change. If your property has enough equity, One Day Assignment will purchase your pre-construction property in one day allowing you to free up cash fast!

Five Steps to Funding

Step 1: Complete 2 minute pre-qualification

Tell us the amount of the loan you require and when you need it here.

Step 2: Initial Call

Often, within minutes we confirm receipt and schedule a call. After a quick review of the property and comparables, we will let you know if you are approved.

Step 3: Minimal documentation

Provide additional documentation:

  1. Your Driver’s Licence ID or acceptable government ID
  2.  Agreement of Purchase and Sale for the Property
  3. Access to the property for less than 1 hour
  4. Copy of Insurance for the Property (if you don’t have it we’ll help you get it)
  5. Copy of the lease (if there is one)
  6. Statement of adjustments
  7. $500 Mortgage Commitment Fee (Fully refundable if we don’t offer you a mortgage loan but all of the information you provided is accurate)
step 4: firm offer

Once the condition of the unit is verified, we will confirm your funding and be ready to provide mortgage lending. The mortgage documentation will be provided to you and signed. We will wait for confirmation from your lawyer for further funding instructions.

Step 5: Funding

We fund your deal for the initial 30-day term. Once you secure financing, we discharge the mortgage or you can extend for additional term(s).

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