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It’s days before your closing and you suddenly find out that your bank or lender has declined your mortgage application. Faced with the prospect of losing your deposit and having your credit damaged, you are stressed. What do you do now? You may feel like you are alone and without options. Banks and traditional lenders are no help.

This is where we come in. One Day Money offers people a quick solution for receiving a fast loan that will allow you to close your transaction on time.

The reality in a highly-regulated money lending environment is that conventional lenders cannot provide a mortgage loan or property financing in under a week — let alone a few days.

We knew real estate purchasers needed a private lender who was able to approve and fund a deal within one business day — and so, we created One Day Money.

As seasoned real estate professionals, we understand the frustration of being denied a loan or not receiving a loan before your property closing. We created a transparent and simple process to get your loan. Acquiring the financing you need, when you need it, is what matters most.


who we are

After two decades of real estate experience, billions of dollars in sales and thousands of real estate transactions, it was frustrating to see good people make all the right choices and complete the right steps in their real estate investing only to lose their financing days before their property closed.

We are people who say yes, when the banks say no. We are an equity-based private lender that provides loans based SOLELY on the equity in the property and not the individual applying for financing. What does that mean for you? It means that if your property meets our minimum equity requirements then your financing is approved and delivered within 24 hours — simple as that.

We lend money, or agree to purchase your property, based on the equity in that property — and we do it in one day. We appraise the property quickly and advance your mortgage, or complete your sale or assignment in one day.

Conventional mortgages, loans and financing use complicated calculations based on your personal financial situation and can be based on unfair terms. Sadly, this can sometimes leave individuals without the financing they require at the moment they need it most. We believe that lending should be based on the equity in a property rather than the individual applying for the mortgage.

What We Believe

We believe that if a lender commits to funding your deal, they should honour their commitment to you without the fine print allowing them to back out of your deal at the 11th hour. After all, a commitment is just that, a commitment.

Even more importantly, we know that when your funding falls through, time is of the essence and you need an answer FAST. And so, we believe application decisions should be made quickly. This is the premise upon which One Day Money was founded.

At One Day Money, we know you don’t want to be in the situation that has brought you to us, so we want your experience with us to be as positive as possible. We understand that the sooner we can provide you with an answer, and the fast loan you need, the sooner your financing stress disappears.

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