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We fund those too!


The One DayTM Advantage:
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  • Add your closing costs to your mortgage
  • Close with as little as 5% down
  • No CMHC Insurance Fees
  • less money out of your pocket
We lend based on the equity you have in the property

We say yes, when the banks say no. We are an equity-based private lender that provides loans based SOLELY on the equity in the property and not the individual applying for financing. What does that mean for borrowers? It means that if your property meets our minimum equity requirements, then your financing with us is approved and delivered within 24 hours – simple as that.

Traditional mortgage loans and financing use complicated calculations based on your personal financial situation and can be based on unfair terms. Sadly, this can sometimes leave individuals without the financing they require at the moment they need it most. We believe that lending should be based on the equity in a property rather than the individual applying for the mortgage.

We lend money, or agree to purchase your property, based on the equity in that property – and we do it in one day. We appraise the property quickly and secure your mortgage, sale or assignment in one day.

our services
one dayTM solutions that can help you
01. One DayTM Mortgage

A 30-day mortgage with another 30-day renewal period at the your option. After that, with a verified refinance mortgage approval, One Day Money has the option extend for a third period to allow you time to receive your funds to close or buy you out with a One Day Purchase. 

02. One DayTM Purchase

We pre-negotiate a buyout amount for each term that is designed to balance the maximization of your initial investment while leaving us enough equity to cover the borrowing costs and an investment return for us. You always have the option to find your own buyer, but in case you can’t, we make sure there is no risk of power of sale or foreclosure that will damage your credit. We tell you what the buyout will be the day you sign the deal.

03. One DayTM Assignment

Purchased a pre-construction property and can’t wait until construction is complete? Need your money today? We can help! Although pre-construction is often a great investment, it can be challenging to get your money out early if one’s circumstances change. If your property has enough equity, One Day Assignment will purchase your pre-construction property in one day allowing you to free up cash fast!

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Even if you do not immediately pre-qualify, we can usually help after a call with one of our trusted advisors.

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